Sunday, December 21, 2008

Time to start using this blog?

I guess it might be time to start using this blog.

Here's some background. I'm a software developer and ex-CS professor. When I was teaching, I wrote a book on 32-bit x86 assembly language that I provide free on the web.

In my current job, I mostly program in C++ with some Java. I'm also a big fan of Python. I expect that most of my posts with be dealing with these languages (and assembly of course).


Paul said...

Can we expect the 64 bit version? If so, when?

Paul Carter said...

Maybe. I've thought about it and am running 64-bit Ubuntu as my main computer these days, but I'm having trouble getting motivated.

The motivation of the 32-bit version was to teach the general concepts of how computers work at the machine language level. The 64-bit version wouldn't really add much to this.

Sziang said...

Hi. I would like to show my appreciation for your assembly book where it helped me on my work. I will be checking back on your blog for any programming tips.

Thanks again.